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Bastille Day: Bonus Episode 🇫🇷

Bastille Day: Bonus Episode. In this episode, find out everything you wanted to know about Bastille Day celebration in France. And listen to the French

25 important French verbs

25 important French verbs: I’ve selected the most important French verbs you’ll need when speaking French! I did not include ‘être’ (to be), ‘avoir’ (to

How to introduce yourself in French

Let’s learn how to introduce yourself in French! If you have any feedback about the quality of the episode (sound, pace, transcripts) show, feel free

How to ask for something in French

How to ask for something in French? Have you ever wondered how to say ‘Do you have…?… or ‘Can I have’…. or ‘May I… French?

How much is it? in French

Let’s learn the many ways to say ‘How Much is it? in French! Just as in English, we have many ways to ask the same

Train your brain in French Part 2

Today, you are going to learn to train your brain in French, and more specifically to make sentences in French! There are steps you can

Train Your Brain in French

Yes, you can train your brain to think In French, it will make expressing yourself in French conversation, so much easier and faster. There are

How to make French crepes!

Today, I will teach you how to make French crepes! This is Crêpes week in France. Yes, the spelling is crêpes with the funny accent

French Tongue Twisters!

French tongue twisters! Can you repeat each of these sentences three times correctly (!) without getting your words wrong? Welcome to the wonderful challenge of

Don’t say comme-çi comme-ça!

Don’t say comme-çi comme-ça! Stop using outdated French to sound like a Native! At the end of this episode, you will know bad expressions to

How to be polite in French

How to be poilte in French? In this episode, discover how to behave politely in France. D’abord, la politesse… Oui la politesse … c’est très

How to pronounce French brands?

How to pronounce French brands? Aujourd’hui, nous allons apprendre le nom des marques françaises, today, we will learn the names of major French brands! How

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