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You can speak at future tense in French

You can speak at future tense in French: Use the near future and the simple future tenses to talk about what will happen in the future. Find out how to form and use them.

You can speak at future tense in French

#1 Using ‘Je vais+infinitif’ for the near future in French

ALLER = TO GO, this verb is quite irregular!

Je vais = I’m going to

Infinitif means when a verb is not conjugated such as to eat, to see, to visit…

In French, to make a sentence for the near future, you use “je vais + infinitif’. The infinitif is at the end of French verbs, meaning that the ending of the verb tells you if the verb is conjugated or not. We have three main endings in french: Verbs ending in -ER, in -IR, -in RE such as

Je vais nager (I am going to swim)

Je vais dormir (I am going to sleep)

Je vais répondre (I am going to reply)

#2 Verbs in French

manger (to eat)

courir (to run)

dormir (to sleep)

partir (to leave)

faire du shopping (to go shopping)

faire la sieste (to take a nap)

me balader (to go for a walk)

Voilà, you know you can speak at future tense in French.

#3 Take the quiz

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