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Five French verbs to know absolutely #4 Prendre

Bonjour et bienvenue au Bootcamp ! Every January, I create a series of episode to boost your learning and motivation! Every episodes will have some grammar or vocabulary and some practice! Today, Five French verbs to know absolutely #4 Prendre! Are you ready to speak French in 2024?


Prendre has two meanings

Prendre = to take

Prendre = To have when talking about food/meals. 

Let’s start with a few expressions :

Je prends mon temps = I’m taking my time

A quelle heure tu prends ton petit déjeuner ? = At what time are you having breaksfast?

Il prend un vent ! = He is getting snubbed!

Elle prend le métro tous les jours = She takes the subway everyday.

Nous prenons l’avion demain = We’re taking the plane tomorrow.

Vous prenez quoi ?  = What are you having?

Elles prennent un taxi = They’re taking a cab

Ils prennent le menu = They’re having the prixfixe/combo.

Prendre au présent

Prendre est un verbe irrégulier

Je prends

Tu prends

Il/Elle prend

Nous prenons

Vous prenez

Ils/elles prennent

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