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Challenge: French tongue twisters!

French tongue twisters! Can you repeat each of these sentences three times correctly (!) without getting your words wrong? Welcome to the wonderful challenge of tongue twisters…Tongue twisters allow to practice and develop correct pronunciation, articulation, and enunciation of French words and sounds.

Remember! The goal is to repeat them three times at least, going faster each time! If you have any feedback about the quality of the episode (sound, pace, transcripts) show, feel free to reach out!

#1 La grosse cloche sonne. (The big bell rings)

#2 Cinq chiens chassent six chats. (Five dogs are chasing five cats)

#3 La robe rouge de Rosalie est ravissante (Rosalie’s red dress is charming)

#4 Des blancs pains, des bancs peints, des bains pleins (Some white breads, some painted benches, some full baths)

#5 Qu’a bu l’âne au lac? L’âne au lac a bu l’eau. (What did the donkey drink at the lake? The donkey drank some water)

#6 Plus la pluie plie la pile de piles, plus la pie épie la pile de piles. (The more the rain folds the pile of batteries, the more the magpie spies on the pile of batteries)

#7 Le poivre fait fièvre à la pauvre pieuvre (Pepper makes the poor octopus feverish)

#8 Didon dîna dit-on de dix dos dodus de dix dodus dindons (Didon allegedly ate ten meaty backs from ten meaty turkeys)

#9 On pourrait fabriquer quarante-quatre maracas grâce aux carcasses de quatre cars cassés de Caracas. (We could build 44 maracas out of the stripped body four broken buses from Caracas)

#10 Combien sont ces six saucissons-ci? Ces six saucissons-ci sont six sous. Si ces six saucissons-ci sont six sous, ces six saucissons-ci sont trop chers. (How much are these six salamis here? They are six coins. If these six salamis here are six coins, then these six salamis here are too expensive)

Merci encore, for listening and learning French! French tongue twisters! You can do it, I know you are terrific!! Since you made it until the end, I have a small favor to ask you, Since you made it to the end, how did you find this episode? I hope it was a five-star experience for you. I really want to be helpful and share my knowledge with you. So if you want to help other listeners to discover my podcast, go ahead an leave a five star rating on Spotify (only in the app), Apple podcast, Deezer….

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