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The many meanings of ‘Encore’ in French!

The many meanings of ‘Encore’ in French! Do you know that ‘encore’ in French can mean ‘again’, ‘another’, ‘more, ‘even’, ‘still’ or ‘not yet’ !! In this episode, find out how to know the difference!

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The many meanings of ‘Encore’ in French!

#1 Again

When you need to express ‘again’, either as ‘one more time’ or as a repeated action such as:

Tu peux répéter encore une fois ? = Can you repeat one more time?

J’ai encore des factures à payer ! = I have bills to pay again!

#2 Another

When you use ‘Encore’+ un/une + something‘, ‘encore‘ means ‘another‘ such as:

Je veux encore une part de gâteau. = I want another slice of cake

Elle prend encore un croissant = She takes another croissant

#3 More

When you use ‘Encore’+ du/de la/des + something’, ‘encore’ means ‘more’ or ‘more of’ such as :

Tu veux encore du café ? Do you want more coffee?

Je prends encore du champagne ! I’m having more champagne!

#4 Even (avec un comparatif)

When you use ‘Encore+ comparative’, meaning ‘even more’ = ‘plus de‘ or ‘even less’ = ‘moins de’ such as:

J’ai encore plus de temps ! = I even have more time!

Vous avez encore moins de problèmes. = You even have less troubles.

#5 Still

‘Encore’ is also used for ‘Still‘ when you want to express an action that is not finished such as:

Tu es encore là ! = You’re still here!

L’orchestre joue encore = the orchestra is still playing!

#6 Not Yet

When you use ‘pas encore’, then the meaning is ‘not yet’, such as:

Tu n’es pas encore prêt ? = You’re not ready yet?

Tu es déjà allé à Paris ? Pas encore = You’ve already been in Paris? – Not yet

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If you have any feedback about the quality of the episode (sound, pace, transcripts) show, feel free to reach out!

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