French Podcast Transcripts

Better and Bad: Master them in French!

Let’s review what we learned together in 2023! Today, we’ll focus on the tricky use of bad and better in French!

I’ll say the sentence in English, try to translate with the correct word in French.


Mieux = Better than well

Meilleur = Better than good

Mal = opposite of well

Mauvais = Opposite of good

You can do it! Good luck!

#1 Better in French

I’m feeling better = Je vais mieux

I can see better = je peux mieux voir

This bedroom is better = cette chambre est meilleure.

My Spanish is better than my French = mon espagnol est meilleur que mon français.

I have a better idea = j’ai une meilleure idée.

#2 Bad in French

I’m having a bad day = je passe une mauvaise journée.

I’m feeling bad = Je vais mal.

This sandwich is bad = ce sandwich est mauvais.

My French is bad = mon français est mauvais.

I slept bad = j’ai mal dormi.