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Learn Real French #5 – Train Announcement

Learn Real French #5 – Train Announcement. All aboard for an episode dedicated to train station public announcement!

I’ve curated and edited a real audio of a train announcement in a train station. Keep in mind that train announcement will be only in French if the train is domestic. The audio is played at real speed with no background. I’ll play it three times. The third time is slowed down. Don’t worry if don’t understand everything. The goal is to build your comprehension of real spoken French. You’ll learn new vocabulary in the context but more importantly, you can listen and repeat to tune into the pace and flow of spoken French!

How to listen to the French audio

Active listening: Listen to the audio three times. The first time, you need to focus on the general meaning and context, the second time, narrow down on the keywords. The last time, the audio is slowed down to really focus on comprehension.

Answer the question: try to answer to the questions without checking the transcript.

Check the transcript: Listen with the transcript twice. The second time, read along out loud to help with learning pronunciation and pace.

Happy Listening!

#1 French Vocabulary and keywords

TGV = High speed train (Train Grande Vitesse)

En provenance de : Coming from

A destination de : Going to

Partira = will leave

Voie = track

Desservira : will stop at

Un service de restauration = Food service

Embarquement = Boarding

Quai = Platform

monter à bord du train = to board the train

Obligatoire = Obligatory

Etiquetage = labeling

Bagages : luggage

Agréable = Pleasant

# 2 Questions

Quel est le numéro du train ? = What is the train number?

Quelle est la destination du train ? = What is the train destination?

Où est situé l’embarquement ? = Where is the boarding located?

Qu’est-ce que vous devez faire avec vos bagages ? = What do you have to do with your luggages?

#3 Transcription of the French audio

Le TGV inouï numéro 6827 en provenance de Luxembourg et à destination de Marseille Saint-Charles départ 18h27 partira de la voie quatre (4), il desservira Mulhouse Ville, Belfort Besançon Franche-Comté TGV, Dijon-Ville et Lyon Part-Dieu.

Ce TGV comporte un service de restauration et des aménagements pour les personnes à la mobilité réduite. Nous vous invitons à vous présenter à l’embarquement situé au milieu du quai. Nous vous rappelons que l’étiquetage, nom et prénom sur vos bagages, est obligatoire pour monter à bord du train. Merci. La SNCF vous souhaite un agréable voyage. 

#4 Questions Answers

Quel est le numéro du train ? = Six mille huit cent vingt sept (6827)

Quelle est la destination du train ? = What is the train destination? = Marseille

Où est situé l’embarquement ? = Where is the boarding located?= au milieu du quai

Qu’est-ce que vous devez faire avec vos bagages ? = What do you have to do with your luggages? Vous devez écrire vos noms et prénoms sur les bagages.

#5 Translation French Audio

TGV inouï number 6827 from Luxembourg to Marseille Saint-Charles, departing at 6:27 pm, will depart from track four (4), serving Mulhouse ville Belfort Besançon Franche-Comté TGV Dijon-Ville and Lyon Part-Dieu.

This TGV includes a catering service and facilities for people with reduced mobility. We invite you to come to the boarding area in the middle of the platform. We remind you that you must label your luggage with your first and last name before boarding the train. Thank you for your attention. The SNCF wishes you a pleasant journey.

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