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French bootcamp #1 Partying in French

Bonjour et bienvenue au Bootcamp ! Every January, I create a series of episode to boost your learning and motivation! Every episodes will have some grammar or vocabulary and some practice! Today, Partying in French! Are you ready to speak French in 2024?

Vocabulary: Partying in French

Un Anniversaire / anniv’ =  birthday

Une Naissance = birth

Un Mariage = wedding

Souffler les bougies = celebrate a birthday 

Faire la fête = to party

Une soirée = an evening party

Une fête / une teuf = a party

Un vernissage = an opening

Un cadeau = a gift/a present 

Prendre un verre / boire un coup = to have drinks

Faire un pot = an office party 

Un apéro dinatoire = an fingerfood dinner

un apéritif = a get togtehr with drinks in the evening

Partying in French: Practice and common expressions

Est-ce que tu viens à ma fête demain ? = Are you coming to my party tomorrow?

C’est mon anniv’ demain = It’s my birthday tomorrow

Bon anniversaire/ joyeux anniversaire= happy birthday 

Je souffle mes vingt-cinq bougies demain= It’s my 25th birthday tomorrow 

Tu veux prendre un verre /boire un coup ? = Do you want to have drinks?

Il y a une soirée demain  = There’s an evening part tomorrow 

Je t’invite à mon apéro dinatoire= I’m inviting you to my informal dinner (a party with mostly finger food and drinks)

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