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What is ‘il faut’ in French?

What is ‘il faut’ in French? Il faut is very common in French! You’ve heard this many times without really grasping the full meaning!

‘Il faut’ comes from the verb ‘Falloir’, only used with ‘il’ same as ‘il neige’ or ‘Il pleut’ (‘it snows’, ‘it rains’)

#1 Il faut + verbe

Il faut + verbe = it is necessary to + verb / it’s time to + verb


Il faut partir = It is necessary to leave / It’s time to leave

Il faut dormir = It is necessary to sleep / It’s time to sleep

Il faut tourner à droite = It is necessary to make a left

Il faut faire les courses = It’s time to go food shopping

#2 Il faut + something

Il faut + something = you need + something 

For example, if you have a recipe

Il faut du sucre, de la farine et des oeufs = You need sugar, flour, and eggs

Il faut du temps = You need time

Il faut de la patience = You need to be patient

#3 Practice ‘Il faut’

Qu’est qu’il vous faut ? Il vous faut quoi ? = What do you need?

Il faut un gâteau pour demain = You need a cake for tomorrow.

Il faut prendre quel bus pour la gare ? = Which bus I need to take for the train station?

Il faut trois heures pour aller à l’aéroport = You need three hours to go to the airport.

il faut apporter quelque chose ? = Do I need to bring anything ?

Il faut acheter du pain = You need to buy bread.

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