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Learn Real French #4 At the Farmers Market

Learn Real French #4 At the Farmer’s Market. Comprehension is a HUGE roadblock for many students. It’s time to break through that roadblock and focus on other things! You want to be able to speak French, and (just as importantly) understand the French you hear.

I’ve curated and edited a real audio of a conversation between farmer and a customer at the farmer’s market. This one should be really easy! In this 40 seconds audio, they go back and forth about what she buys. The audio is played at real speed without any background. I’ll play it three times. The third time is slowed down. Don’t worry if don’t understand everything. The goal is to build your comprehension of real spoken French. You’ll learn new vocabulary in the context but more importantly, you can listen and repeat to tune into the pace and flow of spoken French!

How to listen to the French audio

Active listening: Listen to the audio three times. The first time, you need to focus on the general meaning and context, the second time, narrow down on the keywords. The last time, the audio is slowed down to really focus on comprehension.

Answer the question: try to answer to the questions without checking the transcript.

Check the transcript: Listen with the transcript twice. The second time, read along out loud to help with learning pronunciation and pace.

Happy Listening!

#1 French Vocabulary and Keywords

Qu’est-ce que je vous sers ? = what can I get you?

Combien coûte = How much is / How much are…

Le raisin = grapes

Une barquette = a tub, a container

Vous vendez = you sell

Une bouteille = a bottle

Jus de pommes = apple juice

un citron = a lemon

#2 The questions

Combien coûte le raisin ? = How much are grapes?

Combien de barquettes la cliente achète ? = How many tubs the client is buying?

Combien de citrons la cliente achète ? = How many lemons the client is buying?

Quel est le total ? = What does it comes to?

#3 The transcription

Bonjour Madame,  qu’est-ce que je vous sers ?

Des fruits s’il vous plaît. Combien coûte le raisin ?

Deux euros le kilo !

Alors un kilo de raisin et deux barquettes de fraises .

Est-ce que vous vendez des bouteilles de jus de pomme ?

Oui  !

Alors deux bouteilles s’il vous plaît. 

Autre chose ?

 Oui quatre oranges et deux  citrons. 

Voilà ! Alors 12,50 €  (douze euros cinquante) s’il vous plaît.

#4 Questions anwers

Combien coûte le raisin ? Le raisin coûte deux euros le kilo.

Combien de barquettes la cliente achète ? La cliente achète deux barquettes

Combien d’oranges la cliente achète ? La cliente achète quatre orange

Quel est le total ? La cliente paie douze euros cinquante (12, 50 euros)

#5 Translation French Audio

Hello ma’am, what can I get you?

Fruits, please. How much are grapes?

Two euros a kilo!

One kilo of grapes and two tubs of strawberries.

Do you sell bottles of apple juice?


Two bottles please.

Anything else?

Yes, four oranges and two lemons.

Here you go! So €12.50 (twelve euros fifty) please.

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