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Five French verbs to know absolutely #1 Passer

Bonjour et bienvenue au Bootcamp ! Every January, I create a series of episode to boost your learning and motivation! Every episodes will have some grammar or vocabulary and some practice! Today, Five French verbs to know absolutely #1 Passer! Are you ready to speak French in 2024?

If not familiar, first of all, please listen to last year first bootcamp episode on Avoir, Etre, Faire, and Aller


Passer est un verbe facile avec beaucoup de sens différents. Passer est aussi un verbe régulier.

Passer is an easy verb to conjugate with different meanings. Passer is a regular verb, meaning that the endings of the verb follow a regular and predictable pattern.

Let’s start with common expressions and use.

Je passe chez toi ce soir = I’m stopping by your house tonight

Tu me passes tes notes ? = Can you hand me out your notes ?

Il passe un mauvais moment = He is having a hard time

Elle passe ses vacances en Italie = She is spending her vacations in Italie.

Nous passons par le jardin = We go through the garden.

Vous passez le week end à la plage ? = You’re spending your weekend at the beach ?

Ils passent devant l’immeuble = The’re passing by the building.

Qu’est ce qui se passe ? Il se passe quoi ?  = What’s going on ? What’s happening!

#Passer at present tense

Je passe

Tu passes

Il/elle passe

Nous passons

Vous passez

ils/elles passent

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