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Imagine how you will feel when you speak fluently in French!

I've created a simple, easy, and enjoyable podcast to bring the joy of knowing French to all beginners and travelers.


Why learn French with Speak French Avec Moi?

Have you ever struggled when you speak French? You’ve tried to learn French only to feel overwhelmed? And what if you could learn French easily?
I’ve created a simple, easy, and enjoyable podcast to bring the joy of knowing French to all beginners and travelers.

 Imagine how you will feel when you go to France and speak fluently in French!


The Podcast

French Podcast - Speak French avec Moi

Are you frustrated with your level of French?

I’ve created Speak French Avec Moi to teach French easily and simply.

Each episode has
 insightful and actionable content to keep you interested and progressing!

I post a new episode every week. Available on all Podcasts Platforms.

Listen, enjoy, and learn French.

Are you ready to speak French?


Listen To The Latest Episodes

" Bonjour Severine! I'am a baby beginner and I wanted to tell you of all the tools I use, your podcasts is the most useful and beneficial. Thank you! "
T. Sullivan

New to French? Need to refresh your French? Start for free here!

Ultimate free French crash course.Online class to learn french

In one hour or less, you will learn how to:

Shop at the farmer’s market and at the bakery.
Know how to ask for items
Tricky pronunciation: These pesky French sounds!

And speak with complete sentence at the end of this course!With using negative sentences! 

No grammar is needed!

And cherry on the top, this is free!

" Séverine, You are one of the best. You provide practical, fun, easy to understand lessons to learn French. I enjoy each podcast. "
Randyf2, Apple Podcast Review

Qui suis-je ?

I am Séverine Vallée, I am a Sorbonne graduate, a mother of two beautiful daughters, and a French as Foreign Language Teacher.

I launched Speak French Avec Moi amidst the Covid pandemic, at a time when traveling was upended but learning from home was possible. Since then, Speak French Avec moi has grown into a worlwide podcast with ten of thousands of download and a full schedule of online classes!

By focusing to communicate around real-life situations, explaining grammar rules in plain language, tricky pronunciations, and knowing French customs and uses, I will boost your language learning and you’ll feel confident to engage and speak French.


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