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Survival French #2 – How To Talk About Your Day

Survival French #2 – Talk about your day! Let’s learn how to make small talk and share a things or two about your day or daily routine!

#1 Talk about your morning in French!

Je me lève à sept heures = I wake up/ I get up at seven

Je prends un café ! = I have a coffee

Je file dans la salle de bains ! = I quickly go to wash!

Je me prépare pendant que j’écoute les infos ! = I get ready while listening to the news!

Je me dépêche pour arriver à l’heure au bureau ! = I rush to get on time at the office !

#2 Talk about your commute in French

J’attends le métro sur le quai = I wait for the subway on the platform.

Je prends le train tpus les matins = I take the train every morning.

Je conduis au bureau tous les jours = I drive to the office every day.

Je vais au travail en vélo / à bicyclette = I go to work by bike.

#3 Talk about your evening in French

Je suis claqué quand je rentre chez moi = I’m exhausted when I come home.

Je mange le diner vers vingt heures = I eat dinner around 8pm

Je regarde le JT/ les infos = I watch the evening news.

Je vais à la salle pendant quarante cinq minutes = I go to the gym for 45 minutes.

Je mate des séries sur Netflix / je regarde des séries sur Netflix = I watch series on netflix.

Je me couche à 22h, je bouquine et je m’endors vers 23h = I got to bed around 10pm, I read, and fall asleep around 11pm.

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