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Bootcamp #15: Guess these sentences in French?

Bootcamp #15: Guess these sentences in French? Track your progress in French with this episode! I will make sentences in English that you need to guess in French and vice and versa.

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Bienvenue au French Bootcamp, a special series of daily episodes to boost your French, keep your motivation, and feel good about yourself! The episode are all in French to challenge your comprehension. Feel free to speak along, take notes, repeat, pause, and memorize!

Bootcamp #15: Guess these sentences in French?

Make sure to listen to the past episodes before listening to this episode! I’ll say the sentences twice and then you’ll have time to answer!

#1 Can you guess these sentences from English to French?

I’m not going with them (masculine) = Je ne vais pas avec eux.

She can’t work without him = Elle ne peut pas travailler sans lui

I don’t have a dog, but I have a cat = Je n’ai pas de chien mais j’ai un chat.

You need to write an email = Tu as besoin d’√©crire un email

You brother doesn’t need you = Ton fr√®re n’a pas besoin de toi

(More on French possessive adjectives:

#2 Can you guess these sentences from French to English?

Je peux travailler chez toi = I can work at your place (informal)

Ma mère et moi voulons aller manger = My mother and I want to go eat

Je n’ai pas besoin de partir avec elle = I don’t need to leave with her

Ma fille ne peut pas dormir sans moi = My daughter can’t sleep without me.

Voil√†, c’est la fin de cet √©pisode !