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How to say Hello, how are you in French?

Bonjour ! This episode will teach you how to properly pronounce How to say Hello, how are you in French?

 Let’s practice how to say hello in French!

Bonjour ! Bonjour ! Bonjour !

Let’s practice to pronounce properly by  learning how to make the semi-vowel sound [ɔ̃] spelled /on/

Let’s practice how to say how are you in French

Comment ça va ?

Comment tu-vas ?

 Comment allez-vous ?

Tu = casual ‘you’ – Informal

Vous = Formal ‘you’ – formal

If you don’t know the difference, then please listen to my previous podcast on when to use ‘tu’ and ‘vous’ 😉

Je vais bien = I am going well

And make sure to practice pronouncing the semi-vowel [ɛ̃]

How to say ‘comment’ in French

‘Comment’ in French does not mean ‘comment’ in English. Remember that we don’t pronounce consonants at the end of French words. And here you have another semi-vowel sound [ɑ̃].

Let’s recap how to say Hello how are you? I am fine in French

Bonjour comment ça va ? Je vais bien. Merci.

And here you go, now you know How to say Hello, how are you in French?  with this simple sentence and you know how to make the difference between three nasal vowels in French sounds: [ɔ̃], [ɛ̃], and [ɑ̃].

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Merci et à bientôt !