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Make 100 french sentences in 10 minutes

Today, you will make 100 French sentences in 10 minutes. This is a simple hack to learn to speak and communicate in French faster.

Subject = I + Verb + Infinitive verb use as a complement

Let’s see how easy it is to hack this in THREE steps! A number of French verbs and groups of verbs can be followed by an infinitive with no preposition. This the list of TEN magic French verbs to know.

#1 French Sentences: French verbs followed by another French verb

Vouloir/Je veux = I want // Pouvoir/Je peux = I can/I am able // Devoir/Je dois = I must/ I have t

Savoir/Je sais = I know // Aimer/J’aime =I like/I love // Souhaiter/Je souhaite = I wish

Préférer/ Je préfère = I prefer // Adorer/J’adore = I love a lot // Détester/ Je déteste = I hate
Avoir besoin de/ J’ai besoin de = I need to

#2 French Sentences: Common French verbs

Manger = To eat // Boire = To eat // Dormir = To sleep // Partir = To leave // Revenir = To come back/to go back // Sortir= To go out/to get out // Marcher = To walk // Rester = To stay // Arrêter = To stop // Courir = To run // Visitir = To visit

Let’s mix them together and practice!

“SVO” = Subject + Verb + infinitive verb as Object

J’aime courir = I like to run
J’ai besoin de boire = I need to drink
Je veux dormir = I want to sleep
Je préfère revenir = I prefer to come back.
Je dois sortir = I must get out / I have to get out
Arrêter =To stop

And you can replace with your own verb as an object… Then you know more than 100 French sentences…

And don’t forget how to use the negation in French sentences:

Ne + verb+ pas+ complement

And don’t forget negation ne+verb+pas
Je ne veux pas = I don’t want
Je ne peux pas = I can’t
Je ne dois pas = I don’t have to…
Je ne sais pas = I don’t know
Je n’aime pas = I don’t like // I don’t love

Je ne souhaite pas = I don’t wish
Je ne préfère pas = I don’t prefer
Je n’adore pas = I don’t adore
Je ne déteste pas = I don’t hate
Je n’ai pas besoin de = I don’t need

Voilà, now you know how to make 100 French sentences in 10 minutes!

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