French Podcast Transcripts

How to read a menu in French II – Main Dishes – Les Plats

No more intimidating French menus to read! Today, In this podcast, you will learn how to say and read the most common French dish! You will improve your pronunciation and reading with this fun exercise. To start, in the menu section, main dishes are under the ” Les Plats ” section. And of course, don’t pronounce the T and don’t pronounce the S!
We will still read the menu from Bouillon Chartier, a brasserie in the heart of Paris, well-known for their traditional affordable fares, and the iconic Art Deco decor. Their main dishes are pretty traditional fares that you will find in a lot of brasseries across France!

Voilà, now you know how to read a menu in French-Main dishes, with the most common and traditional main dishesin French! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for learning how to read a menu and more, and thank you for listening! Check out my offers to get one-to-one private French lessons with me. Be more than a tourist!