French Podcast Transcripts

How to read a menu in French – Appetizers

Bewildered or intimated by how to read a menu in French Appetizers? Today, you will learn how to say and read the most common French appetizers! I will teach you how to read a French menu and I will start with appetizers. A great way to learn pronunciation!

We will read the menu form Bouillon Chartier, a brasserie in the heart of Paris, well-known for their traditional affordable fares, and the iconic Art Deco decor. I will start with ‘entrées’, appetizers in French, and of course, you don’t pronounce the ‘S’ at the end when reading ‘entrées’.


Voilà, now you know how to read a menu in French-entrées, starting the most common and traditional appetizers in French! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for learning how to read a menu and more, and thank you for listening! Check out my offers to get one-to-one private French lessons with me. Be more than a tourist!