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How to read a menu in French Fromages et Desserts

How to read a menu in French fromages et desserts ?? All right, you made it through the menu and now this is time for cheese and dessert! Today, In this podcast, you will learn how to say and read the most common French cheese and desserts! A great way to learn pronunciation!
We will keep reading read the menu from Bouillon Chartier. And remember in French, you don’t pronounce consonants at the end of the words, and of course, you don’t pronounce the ‘t’ at the end when reading ‘dessert’.

Fromage- Cheese- French Podcast - How to read a menu in French
Desserts - French Podcast -how to read a French menu

Voilà, now you know how to read an entire menu in French! Of course, you will come across other names but you can apply all the rules of pronunciations that you have learned! Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for upcoming episodes, and thank you for listening! To boost your learning, consider booking private sessions for faster language acquisition. Be more than a tourist!

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