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French bootcamp #20: Can you guess these sentences?

Bienvenue au French Bootcamp, a special series of daily episodes to boost your French, keep your motivation, and feel good about yourself! The episode are all in French to challenge your comprehension. Feel free to speak along, take notes, repeat, pause, and memorize!

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French bootcamp #20: Can you guess these sentences?

Let’s practice the last four episodes! Before you listen to this episode, make sure to have previously listened to the last four episodes (at least!)

#1 Can you guess these sentences from English to French?

There’s bread and butter for breakfast = Il y a du pain et du beurre pour le petit dĂ©jeuner.

How do you make cassoulet? (formal) = Comment vous faites du cassoulet ?

It’s sunny but I’m not hot = Il fait beau mais je n’ai pas chaud.

Here is some tea with sugar! = Voilà du thé avec du sucre/ Voici du thé avec du sucre.

What do you want? (casual/spoken French) = Tu veux quoi ?

#2 Can you guess these sentences from French to English?

Il pleut mais il ne fait pas froid = It’s raining but it’s not cold.

Il y a des légumes et du poisson pour le déjeuner = There are vegetables and fish for lunch.

Pourquoi tu ne vas pas au cinĂ©ma ? = Why aren’t you going to the movie theater?

Voici du pain avec votre fromage = Here’s some bread with your cheese.

Ce ne sont pas mes clés = These are not my keys.

VoilĂ  c’est la fin de cet Ă©pisode !