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TEN Must-know Expressions With ‘TO BE’ in French!

Today, Ten ways to use ‘TO BE’ in French!, Let’s learn how to use the verbe ‘TO BE’ in French! How about learning how to say to be on time? To be late? To be early? Or to say that you are busy and many more !!….

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#1 – To be in French at present tense

Je suis

Tu es

il est / elle est / on est

Nous sommes

Vous êtes

Ils sont/ Elles sont

#2 – To agree in French

être d’accord = to agree

être d’accord avec = To agree with

Such as I agree = je suis d’accord

He aggees with you = Il est d’accord avec toi …. I agree with you = Je suis d’accord avec toi ….. Do you agree with me? = Tu es d’accord avec moi? (make sure to high pitch the last word)

Now in sopken French, people say ‘T’es d’accord ?’ to say ‘do you agree?’ and you can use only ‘D’accord’ or ‘D’acc’ when you want to say Okay

#3 – How to say I am busy doing something/ to be in the middle of in French?

être en train de + infinitive (no trains involved her!!)…. To say that someone is currently busy doing something or in the middle of something…

Say that you are looking for the subway station … You can say ‘ Je suis en train de chercher la station de métro’ …

If you are on the phone … ‘je suis en train de téléphoner’… …

#4 – How to say to be on time in French?

être à l’heure such as ‘Je suis à l’heure’…. ‘Le train est à l’heure’….

#5 – How to say to be late in French?

être en retard such as I am late = je suis en retard … the plane is late = l’avion est en retard … The uber is late = L’uber est en retard… you are late = tu es en retard….

#6 – How to say to be early in French?

être en avance = to be ahead of time….. Je suis en avance = I am early or I am ahead of time… Say that you show up early at a restaurant … Nous sommes en avance = We are early …..

#7 – How to say this is mine in French?

être à moi such as c’est à moi = this is mine, now you can use Il or elle in French since everything has a gender (providing you know the gender so for masculine items, il est à moi for feminine items, elle est à moi…

#8 – How to say to be about to in French?

être sur le point de… such as Je suis sur le point de … for example, We are about to leave: Nous sommes sur le point de partir…. if you are about to get upset (you have been waiting forever at the restaurant)…. Je suis sur le point de m’énerver…

#9 – How to say this is not important/It does’nt matter or the opposite in French?

ne pas être grave… The world grave is French does not mean grave!! It means serious such as a serious injury, serious illness or a serious matter… To state something is not important, you say ‘Ce n’est pas grave’… French will even shorten to ‘C’est pas grave’… or ‘Pas grave’.. to state the opposite, when the situation is serious and dire, you state ‘ C’est grave’….. Sometimes, the adjective (yes grave is an adjectif!) ‘Grave’ is us as slang by itself to agree!!

such as tu es d’accord avec moi? Grave!

#10 – How to use to be to state you don’t feel well in French?

ne pas être dans son assiette… The translation is no to tbe in its plate… which does not mean anything in English….. Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette … I am not feeling well…. Elle n’est pas dans son assiette … She is not feeling well….

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