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How to make French crepes!

Today, I will teach you how to make French crepes! This is Crêpes week in France. Yes, the spelling is crêpes with the funny accent circonflexe (ê). Grab your pan and get ready! This holiday is named ‘La chandeleur’ in French. This holiday comes from the long history of France, and is associated with the presentation of jesus at the temple, which happened 45 days after Christmas.

Legend has it that if you manage to flip the crepe holding the pan in your right hand, and holding coins in your left hands, you will be rich for the rest of the year… Are you ready to speak French?

#1 Recipe for making French crepes

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#2 Origins of the French crepes

Are you curious about the origins of the holiday? Please find an excerpt from the Institute of Culinary Education:

In French folklore, there is a tale that crêpes were born of a “happy accident,” when a 13th-century housewife in Brittany accidentally spilled some buckwheat porridge from a kettle in the fireplace onto a flat cooking stone, but other sources put crepes much earlier on the timeline. Le Jour des Crêpes (“the day of crêpes”), February 2, is believed to have begun in the year 472 when crêpes were offered to French Catholic pilgrims visiting Rome for Candlemas by Pope Gelasio I. Now, Le Jour des Crêpes and Candlemas are synonymous occasions in France and Belgium, where crêpes take on additional meaning, their circular nature symbolizing either a coin or the sun.