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How to say When What Why Who Which in French

Today, let’s talk about the two letters ‘QU’ in French, how to read them with interrogative pronouns. Interrogative pronouns are words like When, Why, etc…

In French, when you see the two letters QU together, then you make the sound K, the same sound as the letter K. When you read a menu or a sign, and you see the letters Q and U together then you have to pronounce like a K, make the sound K.

Now, let’s practice and learn important vocabulary.

Quand, Q U A N D, means ‘when‘. Remember QU makes the sound K, ‘AN’ is a semi-vowel with your mouth open ‘AN’, and you don’t pronounce consonant at the end of French words, Quand, Quand, it means when

Quoi Q U O I, means ‘what‘. Remember QU makes the sound K, and OI make the sound WA, like in What, QUOI, QUOI means what in French and QUOI. Quoi is used only in spoken French and used only with the grammar structure Subject+verb+ quoi, for example “tu fais quoi ?” for ‘what are you doing?’

Pourquoi, means ‘WHY‘. OU make the sound OO, QU makes the sound K, and OI make the sound WA. Pourquoi, Pourquoi…

Qui means WHO‘. QU makes the sound K, and the letter I makes the sound I. Qui, Qui

Quel means Which. QU makes the sound K, and EL make the sound EL. Quel, Quel…

And to finish, let’s practice how to say ‘QUE’ in French. QU makes the sound K, and the letter E makes the same sound as Away or About, Que, Que. Que is used in a question with the grammar structure Que+verb+ subject and means “What”. I told you before that “quoi” means what in spoken French. Que means the same except we use it in a more formal way, in written French. What are you doing in a more formal way translates into Que fais-tu ? (que+subject+verb)

Remember in French, we don’t have pronouns making the sound Qué, this is Spanish.

Now, you know that QU make the sound K in French, and you know how to pronounce and use Quand, Quoi, Pourquoi, Qui, Quel, and que in French.

Since you are here, keep learning by listening to this episode:

Thank you again for listening to my podcast. I hope we can travel to France really soon! Merci, au revoir, à bientôt! Séverine