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How to say ‘I am going to’ in French

How to say I am going to’ in French? Today, you will learn how to use ‘I am going to…’ when talking about going places and to express the ‘near future’ such as I am going to travel to Paris! 🙂

How to say ‘I am going to’ in French

#1 Using the verb ALLER for going places

ALLER = TO GO, this verb is quite irregular!

Je vais

+ Ă  la if the name of the place is feminine.

Je vais Ă  la plage

Je vais Ă  la boulangerie

+ au if the name of the place is masculine

Je vais au restaurant

je vais au musée

+ Ă  l’ if name starts by a vowel or H+vowel

Je vais Ă  l’aèroport

Je vais Ă  l’hĂ´tel

+aux if plural regardless of gender

Je vais aux magasins

Je vais aux urgences

Je vais aux casinos 🙂

Make sure to make a Z sound when linking X and a vowel

+ chez when going to someone or someone’s business

Je vais chez le coiffeur (to the hairdresser)

Je vais chez mes amis (my friends)

#2 Using ‘Je vais+infinitif’ for the near future in French

Infinitif means when a verb is not conjugated such as to eat, to see, to visit…

In French, to make a sentence for the near future, you use “je vais + infinitif’. The infinitif is at the end of French verbs, meaning that the ending of the verb tells you if the verb is conjugated or not. We have three main endings in french: Verbs ending in -ER, in -IR, -in RE such as

Je vais nager (I am going to swim)

Je vais dormir (I am going to sleep)

Je vais répondre (I am going to reply)

Here is a list of useful places and verbs to use with ‘I am going to’

#1 places in French

au marchĂ© (the farmer’s market)

Ă  la gare (train station)

au métro (subway)

au café

Ă  l’hĂ´pital

Ă  la piscine (the pool)

au parc (the park)

Ă  l’Ă©glise (church)

Ă  l’hopital (don’t pronounce the H)

Ă  l’appartement

chez moi (at my house)

chez le docteur (at the doctor’s office)

Ă  la maison (another way to say at my house)

#2 Verbs in French

manger (to eat)

courir (to run)

dormir (to sleep)

partir (to leave)

faire du shopping (to go shopping)

faire la sieste (to take a nap)

me balader (to go for a walk)

VoilĂ , you know how to say ‘to say ‘I am going to…’ in French .

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