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How to celebrate New Year’s Eve in French!

New Episode: How to celebrate New Year’s Eve in French! Only a few days left before ringing the new year! How about impressing your guests and loved ones with French for the occasion? They might think you are drunk but you will know better! Welcome to this short and fun episode!

On va commencer avec
La Saint-Sylvestre … La Saint Sylvestre… this is the official name of the New Year’s Eve in French… La Saint- Sylvestre…. Let’s try a sentence together: Ce soir c’est la Saint-Sylvestre… Ce soir, c’est la Saint-Sylvestre…. Tonight is New Year’s Eve… Ce soir c’est la Saint Sylvestre

Le Réveillon du jour de l’an… Le réveillon du jour de l’an…. This is the unofficial name of New Year’s Eve in French… Let’s try again … le réveillon du jour de l’an….. let’s make a sentence, ce soir, je passe le réveillon du jour de l’an avec mes voisins…. Ce soir je passe le réveillon du jour de l’an avec mes voisins…tonight, I am spending New’ Year’s Eve with my neighbors…(make sure to inform your neighbors…)

You can also say “ce soir je passe le réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre avec mes voisins…

Le jour de l’An…. Le jour de l’an is New Year’s Day… Le jour de l’An… Literally the Day of The Year… le jour de L’An…. It refers to January First… Let’s try a sentence…. “Je prends de bonnes résolutions le Jour de l’An …. …..I am taking New Year’s resolution…. Of course, your top resolution should be to learn French!!!

Le Nouvel An… Le Nouvel An…. It means the ‘the New Year’ and mots French use it to refer to New Year’s Eve… Le Nouvel An… such as ‘Tu fais quoi pour le Nouvel An ?’ (What are you doing on New Year’s Eve’)…. Or ‘Pour le Nouvel An, j’invite ma belle-famille’…. For New Year’s Eve, I am inviting my in-laws….

Now in French, we have two words for ‘Year’,… meaning we use one or the other depending on the context I will explain the difference is an upcoming podcast…
So for ‘Happy New Year’, we use ‘année’ … and we say ‘Good Year’ and we often throw ‘Good Health” at the same time….

Bonne Année, Bonne Santé…. Bonne année, Bonne santé….. Let’s practice again ‘Bonne année, Bonne santé’…..

And to finish 2022…. Deux mille vingt deux…. Not douxe… deux mille vingt deux….

Voilà,, c’est la fin de cet épisode..

Well, thank you all for this great year together. You know how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in French! I am looking forward to sharing more episodes with you and make you speak French in 2022!! Stay Safe, drink responsibly, and check on your loved ones always! Merci beaucoup and thank you for listening. And if you are spending New Year’s Eve by yourself, I will be with you in thoughts!! Please share, review and comment, It helps other listeners to discover this podcast! Bonne année 2022, bonne santé !!