French Podcast Transcripts

How to ask and learn directions in French!

How to ask and learn directions in French! Don’t get lost, and don’t assume that everybody speaks English in big cities, start to learn how to to ask directions in French today! Are you ready? Let’s learn how getting around and asking directions in French!

#1 Asking for directions in French

Je cherche = I am looking for… + name of the place

Pour aller = To go to+ name of the place, and always add ‘Bonjour’ and ‘S’il vous plait’ at the end.

#2 Understanding directions in French

A droite = On your right
A gauche = On your left
Tout droit = Straight ahead
Derrière = Behind
A côté = Next
Après = after

#3 Name of places in French

Le métro = subway entrance (implied)

La gare = Train station

Le musée = The museum

Le carrefour = the intersection/the crossway

Le pont = The bridge

La rue = the street

Traverser = to cross

Tourner = make a turn

#4 Practice in French

Bonjour Madame, je cherche le métro, s’il vous plait? Oui, c’est tout droit et après à gauche

Bonjour Madame, je cherche la gare s’il vous plait ? Oui, traversez le pont et après le carrefour, tournez à droite

Merci et au revoir,