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Five simple tips to speak French better

Today, I will give you FIVE actionable tips to speak French faster and better by yourself
Are you ready?

My first French tip: Don’t say consonants at the end of French words. You will only voice the consonant if the consonant is followed by the vowel ‘e’… such as blonde or importante with e. Listen to the difference: blond or important (without e), blonde or importante with e (because the adjective turns here from masculine to feminine)

My second French tip is to understand that everything in French has a gender, meaning the idea of ‘it’ does not exist. French don’t have ‘it”. When you refer to plants, things, items, places, animals, everything, you have to use she – elle or he – il- instead of it, . Practice, practice, practice

My third French tip is about negative, translating don’t such as I don’t have or not such as I am not doesn’t work. Negative is pretty simple in French. The structure is subject+ne+verb+pas + complement (if you have a complement). Nee always comes with pas and they hug the verb! But here is the little trick, The French will drop NE altogether when they speak.
I’ll explain. To say I want, you say ‘je veux”, to say ‘I don’t want’ you should say “je ne veux pas’ but French will say ‘Je veux pas’ … other example, to say I don’t know, you should say “ je ne sais pas” but French will say “je sais pas’ with a ch sound….

My fourth French tip is linking words together, same than in English? Did you notice that I just linked than and in together? Same in French, did you notice I link same in, … you link the N with the vowel, voicing an extra N, and you link the s at the end by voicing a z sound. Let’s practice! Une omelette, une omelette, sounds like one word, une omelette…. Une orange, une orange,….. Les olives, les olives, les olives… it means the olives, do you hear the z sound? Les amis, les amis, … means the friends ….

Okay and my last French tip is to learn at least 20 to 30 new words per week, verbs, nouns, adjectives around one theme. Week first can be shopping for food, second week around traveling, week third around visiting, etc…. Using a spreadsheet or a notebook, write down the words, their meaning, their genders, and their pronunciation, even sentences. During the week, challenge yourself to remember these. Do you know that you can communicate efficiently with only 100 words??

Now, you know my five simple tips to speak French better! Keep learning, and get that suitcase ready! Merci ! Thank you for being such a great listener, feel free to leave feedback and rating if you find my podcasts useful!

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And if you are still reading, how about learning some more and learning all about And, then, But, Also, Or, … in French

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