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How to answer a Yes/No question in French

15 ways to answer a Yes/No question in French! Today, go beyond a simple ‘oui’ or ‘non’ when you agree and disagree and learn to say ‘I agree’, ‘Exactly;, and much more!

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How to answer a Yes/No question in French

#1 How to agree with a question in French ?

Oui = Yes

D’accord / D’acc = okay

Bien sûr = of course

Entendu = okay

Tout-à-fait = exactly

Certainement = certainly

Parfait = perfect

Okay = okay



#2 How to disagree with a question in French?

Non = no

Pas d’accord’/Je ne suis pas d’accord = I don’t agree

Pas du tout = not at all

Certainement pas = certainly not

Que nenni!

Now you know 15 ways to answer a Yes/No question in French. Since you are here, how about learning how to read letters with accents in French

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