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Train Your Brain in French

Yes, you can train your brain to think In French, it will make expressing yourself in French conversation, so much easier and faster. There are steps and you can build this habit in your brain. I am going to make awesome things happen for you.

Did you know that there are actually step-by-step exercises that you can do to build your brain’s habit of thinking in French. You can practice anywhere because, well, it’s thinking it’s in your head. It’s not like you need to practice out loud . Today, we’re focusing on training your brain to quickly go to French by focusing on words. Today we’re just doing words, and if you ever can’t think of one of the words, you don’t know it. 

#1 – Describe yourself in French

We’ll go over everything. Let’s just start with me for 10 seconds. Think of every word you can that describes your face in French. They can be very basic words. Any words you know. Ready? Go. I will be silent for 10 seconds.

There’s so many things, you could have said: I’ll speak French now. cheveux, blonde, brun, bouche, menton, oreille, nez, sourire, front, joue, lèvres, etc… (hair, blonde, brown hair, mouth, chin, ear, nose, smile, forehead, cheek, lips)

Maybe you went into words with adjectives like cheveux courts, joli sourire, yeux bleus, etc.  (short hair, pretty smile, blue eyes, etc.)

If any of these words are new to you, listen to this part again, check the transcript, lookup the words, and also listen to the episode ‘Name your body in French’.

Think the sentence, think the picture? This will help you remember. Now the same thing with your best friend or significant other.. Think words in French that describe their appearance: make an effort in French, note the words you don’t know and look them up. This little extra effort will supercharge your French learning.


#2 Describe your environment

Now, look at your environment, look around you. Let your mind bring up all the French words for what you’re seeing.

I will be silent for 10 seconds. Now, let’s go over some of the words. You may have said: fenêtre, lampe, arbre, étagères, livres, plantes, jardinières, piscine, ciel, route, voiture, gens, café, tapis, lunettes, eau, bouteille, bougie, lampe, haltère, vélo, tapis roulant, tapis de yoga, salle de sport, ordinateur, lit.

( tree, window, desk lamp, shelves, books, plants, planters, cactus, pool, sky, road, car, people, coffee, rug, glasses, water, bottle,  candle, lamp, dumbbell, bike, treadmill, yoga mat, gym, computer, bed.)

And maybe you saw some things that I didn’t list, maybe some of the things you saw you didn’t know the French word for and now you do.

An exercise like this is great because it’s simple and it can have a couple of benefits. First, when you tell yourself, I’m going to think of these things in French, it trains your brain to do. Just to think in French without having to translate from your own native language. The other benefit is your building vocabulary that’s incredibly useful to you.

#3 – Build your vocabulary and think in French

First. Do the exercise again for just 10 seconds where you name things in French.

Get the French words. Think it a few times or say it out loud. Look at the object, close your eyes and visualize yourself. Making this scan around your room again and thinking the word in French.

#4 – Think of being at the restaurant in French

Think of what you do when you travel? Eating, visiting, walking, buying… 

Today, I am going to give you a small assignment: picture yourself at a restaurant. Come up with a list of about ten words. First, try as much as you can in French. If you have a method for tracking and learning vocabulary, add these new words to your list. Then, repeat step three, look them up, and memorize them picturing yourself holding a fork, reading a menu, and so on…. We will practice more in the next episode!

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Merci !!