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French bootcamp #8: Express your feelings and needs in French

Express your feelings and needs in French. Today, let’s learn how to express and pronounce feelings, needs and emotions in French, from how to say I am cold, I am sick to I am hungry!

Bienvenue au French Bootcamp, a special series of daily episodes to boost your French, keep your motivation, and feel good about yourself! The episode are all in French to challenge your comprehension. Feel free to speak along, take notes, repeat, pause, and memorize!

être = to be // avoir = to have

I am = Je suis

I have = J’ai


Hungry = Faim

Hot = chaud

cold = froid 

Sad = Triste

Tired = fatigué 

sick = malade

Angry = en colère

Afraid or scared =  peur

Surprised = Surpris or surprise

Happy = content or contente

#1 feelings and emotions in French with  ‘être’ (to be) in French = Je suis…

Je suis content — Je suis contente = I am happy

Je suis triste = I am sad

Je suis fatigué = I am tired

Je suis malade = I am sick

Je suis en colère = I am angry

Je suis surprise — Je suis surprise = I am surprised

#2 feelings and emotions in French with the verb Avoir (to have) = j’ai…

J’ai faim  = I am hungry

J’ai chaud = I am hot

J’ai froid = I am cold

J’ai peur = I am scared

Merci et à demain pour un nouvel épisode