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How to share your email address in French!

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How to share your email address in French!

How to share your email address in French! What if someone asks you for your email address, do you know how to share it in French? It’s hard to find the right words to say. You don’t have time to search for the perfect word in French. In a few minutes, you can learn how to share your email address in French.

#1 How to spell in French

Pour commencer cet épisode, il faut d’abord apprendre à épeler votre nom.

To start, you have to be able to spell your first name and name. You have to know the French alphabet. So I’m going to take about 30 seconds. If you don’t know the French alphabet, then stick around. If you already know the French alphabet, you can fast forward 30 seconds.

Let’s start.
A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t t u v w x y z

Awesome, now you know how to spell your first name and name in French, you don’t know need to know all these letters. Only the ones you need to share your address about your first time.

#2 How to understand someone asking for your email address in French?

Now, let’s find out about talking and exchanging your contacts? How would you say this in French? How would, you know, if someone is asking for your email? Let’s pretend we’re having a conversation here.

First, in French, people use ‘mail‘ for ’email’. Sometimes this is spelled ‘mél
Some people use another noun ‘courriel‘ but mostly if you deal with government offices, most likely not to happen!

So someone is going to say something like:

Votre adresse mail c’est quoi ?

Quelle est votre adresse mail ?

Avez vous une adresse mail ?

Est-ce que vous avez une adresse mail ?

As you know in French we have different ways to ask questions, going from formal to casual. Is it the same in your language? They all mean the same thing!

Someone may address you using ‘tu’, then

Ton adresse mail c’est quoi ?

Quelle est ton adresse mail ?

As-tu une adresse mail ?

Now, you reply
mon adresse email c’est….’ or ‘mon mail c’est‘…

If you need to say ‘dot’, you say ‘point

Pretend you are Alex French, your address starts with alex.french. Mon adresse email, c’est Alex ‘point’ french (and make sure to spell)
If anyone listening here, and your name is Alex French, I’m sorry about that!

Now, we don’t say ‘at’ (@) We use a funny word and the word is ‘arobase‘ Yes. ‘arobase’

All right. So Alex.french@

And then, of course, maybe you use gmail. So then in French, we say ‘zhemaill’ and you might want to spell it gmail.

You might have another email address. For convenience, I use gmail, and if you need to say you’re going to say again.

And here you go. Now you know how to spell your email address.
If you need to say ‘cap’, use ‘majuscule’ or ‘grand’ such as S majuscule or Grand S.
For small caps, you say ‘petit’ such as ‘petit b’ or ‘petit a’

#3 How to ask for an email address in French?

But what if you want to ask someone their email address when you use the same questions that I used before. If you need to ask someone where email address, you can use the questions I used before.

Make sure that the person spells their first name last name domain name, and take it down.

Voila c’est la fin de cet épisode ! Now you know How to share your email address in French. Again, I want to thank you for being such an awesome listener. I hope I’m being helpful and that, with each episode, you are building a strong core of French skills

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