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How to say Merry Christmas in French

How to say Merry Christmas in French… And more! Speak French for the holidays and impress your guest! On time for the Holidays!

How to say Merry Christmas in French

French holidays food and dishes

Foie gras.. Hate it or love it, Foie gras . … so let’s try … ‘GR’ is hard and requires practice. For that, you will need to muscle your tongue, yes, the tongue is a muscle!
For that, grab a glass of water, and start gargling (please don’t choke) and make the French R in the back of your throat… And let’s start to e more ambitious, and try to throw the hard ‘G’ sound… Keep practicing… You can do it, keep practicing!

Et maintenant, champagne.. champagne, keep it short with a ‘NI’ sound, champagne… le champagne…du champagne.. une flute de champagne…

And homard, homard…. Lobster… The spelling starts with a H and ends with D, don’t pronounce them… Homard…..le homard…

Les huitres… Oysters… if you follow the podcast, we already talked about les huitres… Don’t pronounce the H and make sure to make a z sound… les huitres

Les coquilles saint Jacques… la coquille saint Jacques …. Scallops… Les coquilles Saint Jacques… with a ‘Y” sound… Les coquilles Saint Jacques ….

And now, le dessert… le dessert …. La bûche …. La bûche, not la bouche… U is a very French sounding vowel… U… La bûche is the traditional dessert, a Yule log shaped cake, come in all flavors, or frozen!

Les marrons glacés…. Les marrons glacés… candied chestnuts…. You only find them around Christmas… Les Marrons Glacés

French expressions and vocabulary during the holidays

Allright ! Now let’s talk about the expressions around the holidays! How to say Merry Christmas in French… And more! On time for the Holidays!
Noël means Christmas in France, You will notice that the E in Noël, comes with two little dots on the ‘E’.. the accent is called ‘Tréma’ in French. The ‘tréma’ only appears on vowel and French language don’t have many words with them, trema sounds a like the German Umlaut. Noël…

Le Sapin de Noël is the Christmas tree… Le Sapin de Noël….

Chrismas Eve is celebrated in France just as much as Christmas Day.. Le Réveillon de Noël ….

La crèche is the name for the nativity scene. La crèche…..

For Santa Claus, French says ‘Le Père Noël’ .. ‘Papa Noël’ for Children… Le père Noël.. Papa Noël…

And now for happy holidays … ‘Joyeuses Fêtes’…. ‘Joyeuses Fêtes’’’ with jwah and ‘y’ and ‘z’ sound…
Joyeuses Fêtes…

And at last how to say Merry Christmas in French… ‘Joyeux Noël’… ‘Joyeux Noël’… ‘Joyeux Noël’

Voilà, now you know how to say Merry Christmas in French… And more! Well, thank you all for the great year together. From me to you, ‘Joyeuses Fêtes’ et ‘Joyeux Noël’… Merci beaucoup and thank you for listening. Please share, review and comment, It helps other listeners to discover the podcast! Allright, you made it!! Thank you again, and please share with your friends, comment, and join the Facebook page or Instagram account!