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How to Say ‘I don’t Understand’ in French

Bonjour !
This FIVE minutes podcast will teach you how to say and pronounce ” I don’t understand ” in French!

 How to say ” I don’t understand ” in French.

Je ne comprends pas.
Now, if you have time, let’s talk about the grammar for a second. ‘Je’ is a subject pronoun for I in English. Ne/Pas is what you use in French to do the negation. We don’t say, I don’t, we don’t say, I am not, We put ‘NE’ and ‘PAS’. ‘NE’ before the verb and ‘PAS’ after the verb. Now, just to let you know, when you’re in France, you will notice most French drop the NE. And you may hear ‘Je comprends pas’… If saying ‘Je ne comprends pas’ is too hard, you can say ‘Je comprends pas’. This is the way French talk. They will drop the ‘NE’.

The last part is all about pronouncing the two semi-vowels sounds ‘ON’ and ‘EN’. Just follow the podcast directions and you will be sounding French in no time! French also has four nasal vowels in addition to its oral vowels. Oral vowels are produced mostly in the oral cavity. In addition to passing through the mouth, nasal vowels are produced when air passes through the nose. There are nasal vowels in English words such as sing and impossible, but the nasal consonants /n/ and /m/ are still pronounced. These consonants are not pronounced in French. Consonants are completely assimilated into vowel pronunciation.

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