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How to pronounce French brands?

How to pronounce French brands? Aujourd’hui, nous allons apprendre le nom des marques françaises, today, we will learn the names of major French brands!

How to say the word ‘Brand’ in French?

D’abord, comment dire le mot brand in French? First, how to say the word Brand in French?
The word is marque, almost like the first name, but remember A is high pitch in French… A… mouth is wide open, la marque ou une marque… Une marque de luxe is a luxury brand… une marque de luxe…

French luxury fashion brand

Chanel… Chanel.. keep it short, not chaannel… and shh… not tchannel.. Chanel .. Chanel

Hermès, not Hermese, and again, keep it short, Hermès…. Hermès.. don’t pronounce the H… Hermès

Cartier… C+A makes the sound KA and you don’t voice any R sound at the end… Cartier… Cartier…

Guerlain … G and U make the sound G as in garage. And again we have the semivowel ‘ain’… guerlain…. Guerlain…

Dior is one syllable, do not say ‘dyor’ because in French, the letter I (I en français) always makes the sound I and never makes the sound Y… Dior, keep to short, Dior, with the stress on the first syllable…

Louis Vuitton… Louis Vuitton…. This one is hard because. First you don’t pronounce the S at the end of Louis, Louis ….let’s try Lou…we … Louis … Vuitton.. the ‘UI’ sound is sharper than ‘we’, for that try to purse your lips together when saying Vuitton… Vuitton… almost whistling….and don’t voice the n at the end…. Louis Vuitton

French beverages brands

Peut-être que vous voulez acheter du champagne ?? Maybe you want to buy some champagne?
Veuve Cliquot… Veuve Cliquot… Veuve means a widow.. and you use the same eu than in butter… Veuve… Cliquot… ko at the end, don’t pronounce the t at the end… Veuve Cliquot…

Perrier Jouët …. Don’t pronounce the R at the end of Perrier.. Perrier… Perrier…
And then Jouët .. same sound than in treasure … and yes, you have to voice the T at the end, very often proper French nouns don’t follow the rules of not saying the consonant for common nouns… Perrier- Jouët… Perrier- Jouët….

And then Moët et Chandon… Moët et Chandon… You have to voice the T and remember An/on, Chandon….
And then Dom Pérignon… Dom Pérignon… Don’t voice the M, and remember Gn makes the sound Ni, like in Onion

Et pour le cognac ? Rémy Martin.. The letter Y (I Grec) makes the sound I in French… Rémy Martin … High pitch A and the semivowel ‘in’…

Peut-être un peu d’eau ? Maybe some water now, let’s try Evian, Evian, and I already said Perrier… Then for sparkling water, you also have Badoit, O+I makes the sound ‘wa’, and don’t pronounce the T, Badoit…

French Cookware brands

And then, we have the iconic Brand Le Creuset, Le Creuset…. S between two vowels make the sound z, and the cluster EU makes the sound EU, like in Butter, and don’t pronounce the T… Le Creuset… Le creuset… and if you buy cookware, maybe you will buy knives…
Alors les couteaux de Laguiole ou les couteaux de layole ?? The spelling is with the sound GU (laguiole) but layole is also used as a local pronunciation…

Je vais répéter tous les noms ! I am going to repeat all the nouns

Louis Vuitton
Veuve Cliquot
Moët et Chandon
Dom Pérignon
Rémy Martin
Le Creuset

Voilà c’est la fin de cet épisode! Thank you again for listening and subscribing to my podcast, feel free to leave your rating and comments. I hope you enjoyed learning these new French words!