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French Bootcamp #12 Family and Pets in French

French Bootcamp #12 Family and Pets in French. Listen to this episode to review or learn family members and pets in French!

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Bienvenue au French Bootcamp, a special series of daily episodes to boost your French, keep your motivation, and feel good about yourself! The episode are all in French to challenge your comprehension. Feel free to speak along, take notes, repeat, pause, and memorize!

French Bootcamp #12 Family and Pets in French

#1 La famille

la mère = the mother

le père = the father

la fille = the daughter (also the girl)

le fils = the son

la soeur = the sister

le mari = the husband

la femme = the wife (also the woman)

le frère = the brother

la grand-mère = the grand-mother

le grand-père = the grand-father

la tante = the aunt

l’oncle = the uncle

le neveu = the nephew

la nièce = the niece

La belle-mère = mother-in-law/stepmother

le beau-père = father-in-law/stepfather

#2 Les animaux domestiques

le chien = the male dog

la chienne = the female dog

le chat = the male cat

la chatte = the female cat

le lapin = the rabbit

la tortue = the turtle

le poisson rouge = the godlfish

Le hamster = the hamster

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