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25 important French verbs

25 important French verbs: I’ve selected the most important French verbs you’ll need when speaking French! I did not include ‘être’ (to be), ‘avoir’ (to have), and ‘aller’ (to go) since I i’ve already posted episodes on these three verbs.

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How to spot a French verb?

Unlike English, to spot a French verb you have to look at the ending of the word. French verbs fall in three main categories, with -ER, -IR, and -RE endings.

#1 French action verbs

Marcher = to walk
Rentrer = to come back
Nager = to swim
Danser = to dance
Payer = to pay
Courir = to run
Attendre= to wait

#2 French daily life verbs

Lire = to read
Écrire = to write
Manger = to eat
Boire = to drink
Dormir = to sleep
Venir = to come over
Vouloir = to want
Prendre = to take
Faire = to do/to make
Pouvoir = to be able

#3 Main French reflexive verbs

Reflexive verbs use an extra pronoun because they often apply to the daily routine, meaning reflexive verbs are often used to describe things you do to yourself every day or that involve a change of some sort.
Se réveiller: to wake up
se préparer = to get ready
se laver = to wash up
S’habiller = to get dressed
Se dépêcher = to rush, to hurry
Se lever = to stand up
Se raser = to shave
Se coucher = to go to bed

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