About me

About me

I am Séverine de la Vallée, I am a French Sorbonne graduate and a mother of two beautiful daughters.

I founded Speak French Avec Moi after chatting in the plane with a nice young couple from Boston. They had a great time in France but felt they could have experienced a lot more if only they had taken the time before their travel to prepare better.

“What do you mean” I asked
“Well, we stayed in our comfort zone and did not venture much outside the main venues.”
“Why not?”
“People were trying to connect with us but with our limited knowledge of French language and customs, we could not understand and did not know how to ask or what to do.  We are avid antique shoppers and we were really looking forward going to these ‘brocantes’ but somehow we could have done much more with a little knowledge”
“And also, the time when the little town where we stayed celebrated Bastille Day. We found out afterwards that they had a dancing party. We did not know about the Bastille Day Ball in France” chimed the young woman.

So I created this workshop to help you in making the best of our travel to France. Learning a language is difficult and you need time. By focusing to communicate around real-life situations, understanding a few basic grammar rules, tricky pronunciations, and knowing French customs and uses, you will speed up your language learning and feel confident to engage with the French.



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About speak french with me

This five hour workshop is the perfect syllabus for new learners or intermediate learners. You will be able to communicate in French right after the first workshop hour. The workshop is designed around five topics based on traveling through France. We will address situations such as asking for directions, ordering, mingling at bars or parties, traveling but also shopping at a farm market, going to the bakery, having to see a doctor, or connecting with your hosts.

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