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When,What,Why, Who, Which in French

Today, let’s talk about the two letters ‘QU’ in French, how to read them with interrogative pronouns. Interrogative pronouns are words like When, Why, etc…

How to learn french with French perfumes

Bonjour, today, let’s learn French with French perfumes! Yes, you can learn some basic French grammar by studying the names of the French perfumes. You

Name your body In French

Today let’s learn how to name body parts in French. Be ready in case of an emergency! Find more resources and share your feedback on

Speak French for Valentine’s day

  Today, let’s learn French for Saint Valentin as we call it in France! This is a lighthearted episode is designed to strengthen your French

Theft emergency in French

Today, let’s learn what to say in French in case of an emergency! Maybe you lost an item, maybe your phone was stolen, or you


Today is Chandeleur in France, the day of Candlemas, celebrated by making crêpes, the famous thin French pancakes. How about learning French while making crêpes?

Improve your French accent

how to improve your French accent by linking words in French! Bonjour, Today, I will teach you how to improve your French accent by linking

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