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Easy French Lessons and workshops Online for travelers

What are the workshops?

The workshops are blocks of five hours centered around learning enough key French language and pronunciation before your trip.  They are taught by me, with either Zoom or Google Meet.

What if you want to keep learning after the five courses?

You can book more lessons, either by the hour, or buy another workshop of five hours or ten hours. All sessions are adapted to your level.

What if I am not sure to start with the five hour workshop?

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and listen to the podcast. You will get free tips and hacks to improve your French and learn about hidden places to discover!  Also, book a one-hour session with me. I will be able to help you with any French topics and address your questions.

Are classes only for English speakers?

I work with students from all backgrounds (English speakers, Chinese speakers, Russian speakers, Farsi speakers, etc…) but English is used to communicate during the sessions.

May I take the online classes with my family or other people at the same time?

Yes, the online workshops allow for up to four people at the same time during the sixty minutes live session. Keep in mind the more you are, everybody should be around the same beginner level. 

I am not at beginner level but I still struggle with carrying a conversation?

Yes, I work with students at B2/C1 level and the specific challenge of spoken French vs. written French.

What if one hour is a long time?

There is a five minutes break around the half hour session.

How much is the Five hour workshop?

The Five Hour French Workshop is billed $175 up to four travelers.  The Ten Hour French Workshop is billed $300 up to four travelers. Ideal for families, friends, groups, students, etc. Choosing the ten hour workshop is a better value if you are a beginner.

I have really young children, I am afraid they won’t be able to understand? 

Feel free to have them around during the live sessions to ignite their curiosity and learning abilities.

Do you offer a free session?

We will have a short phone or video conversation where I will introduce myself and answer all questions you have after you sign up!

What happen after I book my workshop?

I will get in touch with you to know your level, expectations, goals, deadline, and book the dates. The schedule of the workshop will remain the same for the duration of the workshop.

How can I track my progress? 

For quick language acquisition, you will have access to the recording of the presentation and session! Of course, you will need to study and keep learning outside of our online session. I have curated extra material for you to review to strengthen your learning between courses.

What is your policy for cancellation?

Emergency can happen anytime but I kindly ask you for a one-hour notice or more if possible. All cancellation after that or no-show are charged 100%.